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What's In My Street Photography Bag 2019?!

I cover my everyday street photography bag in 2019 when I hit the streets in either New York City or Philadelphia. I can fit a lot into the Peak Design bag while still keeper a small, slimmer and light profile. All of the gear listed in the video is linked down below. Any questions about anything, let me know down in the comments below.


Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag 15inch:

Fuji X Pro 2:

Fuji 10-24 F4 Lens:

Fuji 56 1.2:

Vello Shutter Remotes:

PolarPro 10 Stop Filter:

Hydroflask 32 oz Water Bottle:

Joby Gorilla Pod:

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Leica Q2 Preview: The Ultimate Street Photography Full Frame Camera?

Leica finally announces a much wanted and needed update to the original Leica Q. The Leica Q2 is official! The Leica Q2 comes at a high price tag of $5,000 USD, but has a brand new 47 megapixel sensor which helps in a lot of ways. A lot has been improved out and inside the camera. You have a lot of what the Q provided but mixed with newer tech and bits and pieces from the M-10 and MP. Is the price high...of course but does it mean its not worth If you are looking at these more "specialty" cameras, you know what you are buying. If you are a Lecia Q owner, is it worth the upgrade for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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Last Day in Marfa, Chinati Art Tour & Trip Recap: Texas Vlog Day 4(2019)

There's a lot of talking in the last, day 4, part of the Marfa vlog. But, you here a bunch about the trip from Ted Forbes and myself and you see the artwork and learn a bit of history about the Chinati Foundation. I hope you were able to enjoy the vlogs and just seeing a more fun side of my life, besides just silly gear talk. Let me know of any fun moments from the four videos!

All of the videos will be in the playlist below:

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Welcome to Marfa Texas! Vlog: Day 3(2019)

Ted and I finally are set in Marfa and we explore the town....the ghost town to be exact. So welcome to Marfa, Texas partners! We see the main drag in town, visit the infamous Casey Neistat napping location at Hotel Paisano, drive through the mountains, visit the Prada Store and more! Follow along for some fun. PS. I'm sorry about the wind, its VERY windy out there and was coming in from all sides. I tried different mics, windscreens luck. So I hope it doesnt take away from the adventure.

Texas Vlog Playlist:

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The Most Exciting 900 Mile Roadtrip! Texas Vlog: Day 2(2019)

Ted Forbes and I embark on the start of a 900 mile road trip from Fort Worth, Texas to Marfa, Texas. Do NOT miss all of the excitement in this excitement I mean not much happens. There is talking, a ton of driving and a weird car with eyelashes on it. Plus it started to snow and I was wearing shorts. We arrived in Marfa after 9 hours on the road and Day 3 and 4 contains more...I promise lol. Stay tuned for more! Thanks for watching.

Catch Day 1 if you missed:

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Stealing A Bull In Texas? Vlog:Day 1(2019)

I visit Texas for the first time. I meet up with the infamous Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography out in his hometown in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Ted shows me a bit around the town and I get to see a rodeo for the first time as well. All of this is right before we head out for a long road trip to Marfa, Texas. This is Day 1 of 4, so stay tuned for all 4 to see what fun is in store and what Marfa is all about! #texas #vlog #texasvlog

Texas Vlog Playlist/Day 2:

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Ricoh GR III Preview: It's Finally Here! Upgrade from the GR II?

The Ricoh GR III is finally official and I preview it here. The GR III solved A LOT of the issues users and things I've had when I owned the Ricoh GR II. The GR II had slower af speeds, lower megapixels to name a few. But the new GR III vs the GR II and upgrades to a new 24 megapixel sensor, improved af speeds with phase detection hybrid and more. The GR III is $900USD and stacks it near the popular Fuji X100F. So if you want a video focused on that, let me know in the comments and I may make that. But are you going to buy the new Ricoh GR III, let me know.

Preorder the GR III here:


Wide Angle:

Wide Angle Adapter:

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PolarPro Defender Review: Protect Your Camera Lenses!

I give my hands on real world review of PolarPro's newest product, the PolarPro Defender Lens Cover. PolarPro sent this over but did NOT sponsor or pay for this review in any way. I am sharing my honest thoughts. I was able to travel with this on my Fuji 10-24 lens with the PolarPro 82mm ND 10 filter attached. This Defender Lens Cover is very helpful because of its easy to slide on and off a lens, its rugged build and the extra protection lens plate at the front. Ted Forbes and I traveled to Marfa, Texas which is in the middle of no where. There was a lot of dust and sand around and that was what I wanted to see if this would protect and keep out debris from my lens. It did! There was no dust or sand inside the cap when I took it off. For $34.99 with the 82mm/95mm/114mm its a great buy. Check out the links below for more information:





PolarPro Site:

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I preview Fujifilm's newest camera and lens. The new Fujifilm X-T30 and 16mm f2.8. The 16mm 2.8 lens is a welcomed prime editon as it falls near the normal $400USD mark and has been sought for by Fuji photographers. The Fujifilm X-T30 is easily a mini Fuji X-T3, just stripped of a few key video features. The X-T30 has the same sensor and processor as the X-T3, just not 4K video at 60fps, buffer speeds and other video features. But the X-T30 will ship in about a month just under $999USD and will have improved AF detection before a firmware reaches the X-T3 in April. Let me know your thoughts on the new lens and camera in the comments below.

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Canon EOS RP & Nikon Z 24-70 f/2.8 Preview: Canon's Entry Level 2019 Mirrorless Camera

I give a preview of the new Canon EOS RP, entry level full frame mirrorless camera. I also quickly cover Nikon's newest lens, the Nikon Z 24-70 f/2.8 S. A highly awaited lens if you own the Nikon Z6 and Z7. But the newest Canon EOS RP should have been their first camera, not the EOS R. But the RP is a stripped down R at a very affordable price, $1,300 USD. Is the EOS RP something you'd buy? Should it be cheaper? Does it warrant the price compared to the Sony A7 II? Let me know in the comments below.

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Photographer Schills, Sellouts, Affiliate Links & More: The Info You Need To Know

I cover the unspoken about topic of photographers who are "schills and sellouts" on YouTube, social media and blogs. Are there really schills? Or is it a term used by someone uneducated and jealous? I break everything down in this video. Also I discuss some "inside" information within our industry about press events and affiliate links. Is this all evil or just man made negativity by people who are hurting in life?

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Sony a6400 Preview: New Eye AF & Tracking, But Is This an a5400?

Sony announced the new Sony a5400...I mean Sony a6400. Why did I say a5400? Well it essentially should be in the a5000 line. The two big features the Sony a6400 brings out is the selfie flip screen and a newer eye autofocus and real time tracking system. Does the Sony a6400 take over the a6000 or a6300? Is there a Sony a6400 vs a6300? Simply, yes the a6400 is updated and mostly worth the price. The Sony a6500 is still floating because it has IBIS...this 6400 does NOT sadly. The other issue is the flip screen, it isnt right. Check out the video below on the fix for the problem when I had it with the Canon M6:

Let me know your thoughts on the a6400 in the comments. Is it something that needs hype? Or is it just an updated a5000 line camera still using the same older battery?

Credit: SonyCamera YouTube:

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Nikon Z 14-30 F4S, Nikon Z Firmware Updates & 8K Video Being Big In 2019?

Nikon announced a new lens, some big firmware update news at CES 2019 in Las Vegas and 8K seems to be a rising topic for 2019. Nikon announced 3 soon to come updates for their mirrorless Z line cameras: eye autofocus, RAW video and CFexpress support. Nikon also showed off their new 14-30 F4S Z lens, coming in around the $1,300 USD point. Is it too much money for an f4? Lastly, 8K was a big topic in CES as Sharp displayed their 8K camera. Canon has been noted for a future 8K option in their next EOS R type camera and Sony is rumored to include 8K in their next release, Sony A7000 or A7S III.

F4 vs F2.8 Lenses:

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Canon and Nikon Still Sucks in 2019? (Reacting to my 2014 Thoughts)

In 2014, I made two videos called 'Why Nikon and Canon Sucks'. Without watching the videos you wouldnt get the context of the videos. I mainly just mentioned my main issues with their cameras at the time. But have those issues from five years ago been solved in 2019? Been asked to make an update to those videos it is. Have Canon and Nikon improved since 2014? Find out. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if any of the points from 2014 happened with you back then as well.

Nikon Issues: 01:12

Canon Issues: 06:25

Two Videos Mentioned:



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Canon Abandoning EF Mount and Lenses in 2019?!

Coming into 2019, one of the biggest topics is Canon being fully dedicated to their mirrorless RF line for 2019. One of their European tech specialist mentioned in an interview that Canon is fully tackling the RF lens lineup and putting a brief hold on the EF mount. Is this a smart idea? Should Canon only concentrate on the RF line in 2019? Let me know in the comments below. Should Nikon do the same? Easy answer....Yes!

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