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WPPI 2018 Vlog: Canon M50, Sigma 14-24 f2.8, Fuji X-H1, Tamron 70-210 f4 First Impressions

This was my first time attending WPPI and for WPPI 2018 I vlogged the main things I was interested in seeing. Being at the event on the heals of a big Sony, later to be known A7 III announcement, was a show I've been wanting to attend for a long time. A few of the pieces of gear I wanted to see and get a hands on was the Canon M50, Sigma 14-24 f2.8, Fuji X-H1 and the Tamron 70-210 f4. WPPI reminds me of Photo Plus that takes place in NYC yearly, but with a target to show more of the wedding side of the industry. Hopefully you gathered something from this vlog and it was interesting.
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