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Welcome to Marfa Texas! Vlog: Day 3(2019)

Ted and I finally are set in Marfa and we explore the town....the ghost town to be exact. So welcome to Marfa, Texas partners! We see the main drag in town, visit the infamous Casey Neistat napping location at Hotel Paisano, drive through the mountains, visit the Prada Store and more! Follow along for some fun. PS. I'm sorry about the wind, its VERY windy out there and was coming in from all sides. I tried different mics, windscreens luck. So I hope it doesnt take away from the adventure.

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As always "Keep an Eye Out!"

The Most Exciting 900 Mile Roadtrip! Texas Vlog: Day 2(2019)

Ted Forbes and I embark on the start of a 900 mile road trip from Fort Worth, Texas to Marfa, Texas. Do NOT miss all of the excitement in this excitement I mean not much happens. There is talking, a ton of driving and a weird car with eyelashes on it. Plus it started to snow and I was wearing shorts. We arrived in Marfa after 9 hours on the road and Day 3 and 4 contains more...I promise lol. Stay tuned for more! Thanks for watching.

Catch Day 1 if you missed:

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As always "Keep an Eye Out!"

Stealing A Bull In Texas? Vlog:Day 1(2019)

I visit Texas for the first time. I meet up with the infamous Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography out in his hometown in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Ted shows me a bit around the town and I get to see a rodeo for the first time as well. All of this is right before we head out for a long road trip to Marfa, Texas. This is Day 1 of 4, so stay tuned for all 4 to see what fun is in store and what Marfa is all about! #texas #vlog #texasvlog

Texas Vlog Playlist/Day 2:

As always "Keep an Eye Out!"