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Ricoh GR III Review: King of Street Photography Cameras?

The Ricoh GR III is finally available and I was able to get a hands on test for about the past month. Thanks to BHPhoto for sending this out to review, they did provide this to test but did not pay or sponsor this video in any way. I believe the GR III reclaimed the title as the king of street photography cameras as it has almost everything the GR II had but improved on much more! With a newer body layout, touch screen, 24 megapixel sensor and more, its definitely worth an upgrade alone from the GR II in regards to autofocus.

Check out the Ricoh GR III Here:

Wide Angle Combo:

What's In My Street Photography Bag 2019?!

I cover my everyday street photography bag in 2019 when I hit the streets in either New York City or Philadelphia. I can fit a lot into the Peak Design bag while still keeper a small, slimmer and light profile. All of the gear listed in the video is linked down below. Any questions about anything, let me know down in the comments below.


Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag 15inch:

Fuji X Pro 2:

Fuji 10-24 F4 Lens:

Fuji 56 1.2:

Vello Shutter Remotes:

PolarPro 10 Stop Filter:

Hydroflask 32 oz Water Bottle:

Joby Gorilla Pod:

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6 Lessons Saul Leiter Taught Me: Street Photography (+GIVEAWAY)

These are 6 lessons that Saul Leiter taught me that helped open my eyes for my own personal photography. Saul was very well known for his style that showed abstract thought, minimalism, his love of bright color and more! I have studied Saul's work for a while and share my findings in the video above. Two other photographers who inspire me right now, who also embody Saul's style, is Joshua Jackson and Craig Whitehead, Sixstreerunder.
Joshua Jackson:
Craig Whitehead:

Main Photo of Saul Credit: Tony Cenicola
Ted Forbes Video:

I have a Photofile book of Saul's work, paperback book, that I am giving away for anyone who comments down below and leaves a thumbs up on the video.

As always "Keep an Eye Out!"

6 Lessons Henri Cartier-Bresson Taught Me

Here are 6 lessons that Henri Cartier Bresson taught me. Henri Cartier-Bresson is one of the most known photographers in history. Bresson was a french street photographer who was known the most for his shooting style and his ability to capture key moments. Bresson was the "master" of street photography to a large amount of people. You will a certain theme when looking into Bresson. Let me know down in the comments below if you pick up on it. Also, let me know how Henri inspired you in any way.
Images Courtesy of The Estate and Magnum Photos:

Street Photography: What's In My Camera Bag 2017- 2 Different Setups

I dive in and show you whats in my street photography camera bag that I use right now in early 2017. Some things are subject to change but I essentially use just two different bags for different goals. My one light setup is for my overall street photography, just capturing things as they are with the Ricoh GR II or Fuji X100F. The other is a backpack setup with the Nikon D750 and Tamron 15-30 lens for long exposures. Link is in the pinned post below for more videos!
Link To This Street Photography On KIT:

Fujifilm X100F vs Ricoh GR II Review: Which To Buy For Street Photography?

I review and give my thoughts on the Fujifilm X100F vs the Ricoh GR II and which is the best street photography camera. Which should you buy for street photography? Both the Fuji X100F and GR II serve a purpose. Both are compact, easy to use but have a few major differences. The first being the price. The Ricoh GR II is $600 while the Fujifilm X100F is $1,300. There are strengths and weaknesses to both cameras. In the video, I break both down and give my honest thoughts on which I would go with. Which would you want?