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Sony a6100 vs a6400: Top 4 Differences-Which To Buy?

Sony just announced their new entry level crop camera, the Sony a6100. Just a little bit ago Sony announced the Sony a6400. The a6400 was VERY well received. But now the confusion in the 6000 line begins again....which should you buy the Sony a6100 vs a6400? I share the top 4 differences between and give my thoughts on this predicament. What are your thoughts? Let me know down in the comments below.

Sony a6100 and a6400 Preview Video:

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As always "Keep an Eye Out!"

Sony a6400 Preview: New Eye AF & Tracking, But Is This an a5400?

Sony announced the new Sony a5400...I mean Sony a6400. Why did I say a5400? Well it essentially should be in the a5000 line. The two big features the Sony a6400 brings out is the selfie flip screen and a newer eye autofocus and real time tracking system. Does the Sony a6400 take over the a6000 or a6300? Is there a Sony a6400 vs a6300? Simply, yes the a6400 is updated and mostly worth the price. The Sony a6500 is still floating because it has IBIS...this 6400 does NOT sadly. The other issue is the flip screen, it isnt right. Check out the video below on the fix for the problem when I had it with the Canon M6:

Let me know your thoughts on the a6400 in the comments. Is it something that needs hype? Or is it just an updated a5000 line camera still using the same older battery?

Credit: SonyCamera YouTube:

As always "Keep an Eye Out!"