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Sony RX100 VII Preview: A Point and Shoot Sony A9

Sony announced another new camera today, the Sony RX100 VII, the Mark 7. The RX100 line has been a favorable camera for users because of its advanced features and compact size. But they've missed on a few features over the years. This Sony RX100 7, completes all! This now has a mic jack, FINALLY, and has advanced autofocusing features as found in the Sony A9. Combined with a newer improved 1 inch 20 megapixel sensor, this camera can easily be worth the $1,200USD price tag. Let me know your thoughts on this camera in the comments below. Is it worth the price, is it a worthy upgrade from the 6 to the 7?


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Sony a7R IV Preview: Worlds First 61 Megapixel Full Frame Camera

Sony announced a new camera today, the Sony A7R IV, mark 4. The R line has been their high resolution set of cameras. The Sony community is still waiting for the Sony A7S III. You will see a large upgrade in megapixels compared to the A7R III at 42 to now 61. That is spicy! The other big note to mention is the improved autofocus system and algorithm that has been seen in the Sony a6400 and in recent firmware pushes. With more customization options, the new Sony A7R 4 comes in at $3,500 USD. Is this worth picking up? Is 61 megapixels too much? Is it really an upgrade from the Sony A7R III? Let me know down in the comments below.

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Sony RX100 VI Preview: Huge Fast Zoom Lens, 4K & Still Compact

Sony announces the new Sony RX100 VI, Sony RX100 6. This has been a long time coming but is it worth it? Clocking in at around $1,200 US and launching in July this should do pretty well. It's the "all you ever need" camera as Sony puts it. The biggest features wrap around to 4K video, 120 fps full HD shooting and includes S LOG3 and Hybrid Log. The new RX100 VI uses a 24-200mm zoom lens with an f/2.8-4.5 variable aperture. Its like having a 24-70 and 70-200 all in one pocketable camera. But there are two things missing, still a mic input and 60fps at 4K video. It's looking like Sony is sticking to 24/30 fps in this compact camera line. The other thing that isnt available now is the record time while shooting 4K. Is it still 10 mins? Stay tuned for any updates. That being said, is this the camera for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Sony a7R III Preview: Is the Sony A9 Now Pointless?

Sony announces the new Sony a7R III. But at $3,200 is the Sony A9 kind of pointless? That may be a bit extreme to say but this new a7r III is a beast with 42 megapixels, full 120 fps HD, 4K video, dual SD cards and a lot more. Sony used some of what was in the A9 and includes a touchscreen with a user friendly, joystick!
Let me know your thoughts below. Is this a worth upgrading too or did you expect more?

Sony 24-70 f/2.8 GM Hands On Review-The Professional Sony Lens

I give my hands on review of the Sony FE 24-70 f/2.8 G Master lens. Now this is an expensive lens but is for the working professional. While the argument could be made the lens is way too big and isnt balanced for the Sony camera bodies, its still one of Sony's sharpest made lenses. The 24-70 2.8 lens is a must own for a photographers kit and if you are invested in Sony and are a working this lens! Super sharp and fast. I tested this with the Sony a6500. Big thanks to BHPhoto for sending this out for review, so I can share this with you guys and girls.
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Sony A6500 Full Hands On Review & Overview: Real World Photo & Video Examples

I give a real world full hands on review of the Sony a6500. This camera is under a year old as of this review release and is the newest over the Sony a6300. The Sony A6500 gave a few new features over the A6300, 5 Axis In Body Stabilization, S-Log 3 and a limited touch screen. The a6500 has also became one of the most popular YouTube vlogging cameras despite it not having a fully articulating screen. The 4D focus and 425 phase detect points at 11fps make this a pretty fast camera, photography wise and auto focus tracking wise. What are your thoughts on the a6500?