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6 Lessons Saul Leiter Taught Me: Street Photography (+GIVEAWAY)

These are 6 lessons that Saul Leiter taught me that helped open my eyes for my own personal photography. Saul was very well known for his style that showed abstract thought, minimalism, his love of bright color and more! I have studied Saul's work for a while and share my findings in the video above. Two other photographers who inspire me right now, who also embody Saul's style, is Joshua Jackson and Craig Whitehead, Sixstreerunder.
Joshua Jackson:
Craig Whitehead:

Main Photo of Saul Credit: Tony Cenicola
Ted Forbes Video:

I have a Photofile book of Saul's work, paperback book, that I am giving away for anyone who comments down below and leaves a thumbs up on the video.

As always "Keep an Eye Out!"