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PhotoPlus Expo 2018 Vlog

As per our annual vlog, I dive head into PhotoPlus Expo 2018 and show you the newest cameras, lenses and more! Some of the newest gear this year is the Nikon Z6/7, Canon EOS R, Fuji GFX 50R, Panasonic S1R, Zeiss ZX1 and more. There's a lot of fun moments, a tip on a DIY dual card slot hack and meeting up with friend of the channel, MR AOP, Ted Forbes. It was a smaller show again this year but I was able to meet a lot more of you this year so thank you for saying hello and was great chatting! As always, see you in 2019 in New York City!

PhotoPlus 2018 Gear First Impressions;

As always "Keep an Eye Out!"

Photo Plus 2018 First Impressions: Fuji GFX 50R, Nikon Z7, Canon EOS R, Panasonic S1R & Zeiss ZX1

As always, at Photo Plus we can get hands on with the newest gear in the photography and videography industry. Yes its still tied to a table or only lent out for a short time, you can get a feel for the gear of how it works and feels. I share my first impressions with the latest and greatest: Fuji GFX 50R, Nikon Z7/6, Canon EOS R, Panasonic S1R and the Zeiss ZX1. Despite some of the downsides some of these cameras share, I must say, its a great time to be a photographer with the amount of gear options out there for the mirrorless crowd. Full Photo Plus 2018 Vlog coming soon...most likely will be in the pinned post below once its out!

Table of Content:

00:06 Nikon Z7

01:31 Canon EOS R

02:53 Fuji GFX 50R

03:54 Zeiss ZX1

04:11 Panasonic S1R

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As always "Keep an Eye Out!"