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Nikon D850 Official Preview: Beats the Canon 5D Mark IV, Sony A7R II and A99 II?

I preview the Nikon D850. The D850 is supposed to be fully announced on August 15th or 16th but we never everything about it besides the price. The D850 packs the D5 processor, 46 megapixels with full 4K video. 153 af points, built in focus stacking for macro photography, dual memory card slots and much more. It also does 8K timelapse but is that just a gimmick? Is the Nikon D850 exciting or just a waste for Nikon's 100th anniversary? Does it seem like it beats the Canon 5D Mark IV or the Sony A7R II, A99 II?

Nikon D850 Leaked Specs: What We Should Expect

We learn some leaked rumored specs of the Nikon D850. As the official Nikon announcement comes closer, we are learning some specs we should expect for the D850. The Nikon D850 has a chance to be a big camera for quarter 4 of 2017 for Nikon. But we expect this to just be under $4,000 USD. We should be looking at a 46 megapixel sensor made by Sony, 4K uncropped video and much more. The D850 is labeled as the "mini Nikon D5". But this is not official, I will update once Nikon makes the announcement in the next month or two. This should be out before Photo Plus in NYC in late October. So expect the hands on there as well!

100 Years of Nikon, Nikon D850 and The Mirrorless Future

100 Years of Nikon and the word of future with the Nikon D850 and the now heavily promised mirrorless effort by 2018. July 25 1917 was the start of Nikon. 100 years later it still holds a lot of its value and authenticity but its name hasnt been as popular. Learn about a few quick Nikon landmarks over the 100 years and what the future may hold with the D850 and mirrorless cameras. Is Nikon only good for stills or can they compete with video? Let me know down below. Also what was your favorite Nikon tech from the past 100 years?
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