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Nikon D500 Full Hands On Review-Camera Of 2016?!

I get a full hands on real world review with the Nikon D500. Special thanks to BHPHoto for sending this out! The Nikon D500 will forever be a history mark for Nikon's cameras. This is the first 4K capable camera, touch screen enabled with it's Snapbridge technology. The Nikon D500 was a much desired for camera from users wanting to upgrade from the fast Nikon d300 and d300s. This is the answer but its 10fps and 200 frame buffer for RAW photos comes at a $2K price tag. The other question is, do you want this or the Nikon D750? Do you want to have a crop sensor like this D500 or full frame in the D750? But the D500 provides a ton for the price point and I feel it's very justified.