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Canon 6D Mark II-One Year Later, Why ND Filters Are Useful and How To Expose For The Sky & Subject

On this round of photography questions and answers, we tackle some gear and tips for shooting outdoors. A common request at the moment is about the Canon 6D Mark II and if I would still suggest it after owning it for about a year. Answer in the video. The next two questions involved ND filters and exposure. Why are ND filters key to shooting outdoors and how do you expose for both the sky and subject.
Canon 6D Mark II Review:

PolarPro QuartzLine Filter Review: ND1000, ND16/PL, Long Exposure Photography

I get a hands on review of PolarPro's new filter line, the higher end QuartzLine Series. I was able to test out their ND1000, 10 Stop ND filter, and the ND16/PL, Polarization, filter. My main question with filters is how durable are they and how is the color produced. After using these for a bit of time I am happy to say the color and durability are actually amazing. I highly recommend these and at their current price point, despite seeming high, are very much worth it! I was not paid or sponsored by PolarPro, they simply sent them over to review and asked for my honest thoughts. Check out their filters below and information on their lifetime warranty, if bought from their direct site:
QuartzLine Filters:
PolarPro Warranty/Buy Back Promo: