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Top 5 Cameras of All Time (Not What You Expect)

I share my top 5 favorite cameras of all time. These are cameras I've personally used throughout my career. Let me know your favorite cameras of all time down below in the comments. Do any of the five I mentioned make your list as well?

Here are my top 5 cameras:

1. Nikon D700

2. Fuji X Pro 2

3. Canon 5D Mark II

4. Polaroid 600se

5. Canon AE-1

As always "Keep an Eye Out!"

Fuji X-Pro 2 Review: The Leica of Fuji Cameras

I give a hands on review of the Fuji X-Pro 2. This is the "Leica" of Fuji cameras in my opinion. This isnt an overally technically review because this camera doesnt need one. These are my thoughts from using this over the past four months and the major pros and cons. The biggest pro is just the camera itself, the con is the video aspects, which you will see in the video. I tried at one point to sell this because I wasnt using it much, but I couldnt bring myself to it. The Fuji X Pro 2 is an amazing camera and is worth every penny.
Buy the X-Pro 2 Here:
Amazon: (Body Only)

Fuji X-Pro2 First Impressions| Fuji X100F, Fuji XT-2, X Pro 2-Which Fuji to Buy in 2017?

I give my first impressions of the Fuji X-Pro2 camera. I also discuss which Fuji to buy in 2017 by breaking them down, the Fuji X100F vs Fuji XT-2 and the Fujifilm X Pro 2. I have been in an internal debate on which one of these I wanted to by. After a ton of research and a last minute decision, I decided to buy the X Pro2 for my street photography switching last second from the X100F. As described in the video, the XT-2 is an amazing camera as well, but not for my style of shooting. Fuji really cares for their gear and customers. A full review of the Fuji X-Pro2 to come soon! Let me know down below, which Fuji sticks out to you? Which did or would you buy?