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Canon EOS R Review: An Honest Hands On Discussion (Is It Really That Bad?)

I was able to have the Canon EOS R for about a month, thanks to BHPHoto. They did not pay or sponsor, but sent it out for a review so I could share my first hand honest thoughts. Like mentioned, I shot this review several times. I feel the Canon EOS R was made just to be made to get a test Canon mirrorless camera on the market. At the EOS R announcement it was touted as being "Revolutionary." But is it really? Not so much, later on they admit its not for the working professional. But with its well known (controversial) limitations does it make the camera that awful? No. It still has great video, top notch Dual Pixel AF and high image quality. But the big omissions are an entirely new camera build, a new lens mount, overpriced lenses, no dual sd card slots, no back joystick and more. Is it a let down, yes, but a horrible beast? No. Its a great backup camera and I cant wait to see Canon actually try on their "pro" model for an expected 2019.

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