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Canon EOS M6: 5 Reasons I Bought It (3 Month Review, Very Underrated)

I review the Canon EOS M6 and tell you the 5 reasons I bought it and why it is very underrated. Seriously, when I say the Canon M6 has made my workflow easier, I mean it. With the size of the camera, the image quality, Dual Pixel AF and more, it hit most of the check boxes I needed for a camera that is meant for vlogging and b-roll. I also choose the M6 over the M5 mainly because of price, not needing an EVF and the horrible design of the flip down screen on the 5. The Canon EOS M6, is a home run of a camera for me.
Check Out The Canon EOS M6 Here:

Camera In Use/Image Quality Examples:
Anti-Climatic Vlog:
Heading into NYC:

Canon EOS M6 Mic "Perfect" Solution: Do NOT Damage Your Camera! (Edutige ETM-008 Mic + Adapter)

I give the perfect solution to the Canon EOS M6 vlog mic issue. I also share a cheap way with zero damage for this fix. Many vloggers have turned to the Canon M6 or M5 because of Canon's dual pixel af system and portable size. This is the same reason I bought the M6 but needed to fix the mic. After a lot of research I found the Edutige Mics. Shown in the video I used the ETG-002 L Adapter and the ETM-008 Unidirectional Mic. The only downside is no shock mount and that it peaks a lot. So be sure to manually lower your audio levels in camera to compensate.
Check Out the Mic and Adapter below:
My Mic-
Cheaper Mic-
3 to 3 Adapter:

An Anticlimactic Vlog......(Canon EOS M6 Real World Vlog Test)

Ted Forbes and I produced a very anticlimactic vlog. We failed to do what we set out for BUT in the end, I can share a real world vlog test with the Canon EOS M6 from the streets of New York City. Ted and I originally had plans for a helicopter ride and some rooftop photographing but those fell through. Instead, just follow us around for the day and meet some awesome people who came to a last minute meetup! Thanks again for everyone who took the time to come out to hand with Ted and myself. I got most of everyone who went in the vlog, sorry if I missed anyone!
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