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Canon 6D Mark II Review: Hands-On Honest Review The Pros and Cons

I give my hands on honest thoughts of the Canon 6D Mark II. There are many pros and cons to this "controversial" camera of 2017 but the cons and complaining are coming from reviewers who never used the camera for the most part. Canon did leave out some features in this, very questionable feature and I'm not talking 4K video here. That is an entirely other discussion. But the Canon 6D Mark 2 wouldn't be selling very well if it was a great stills camera and good for video. Which both are true. The 6D II does come in at $2,000 USD, a bit high but average right at the same point the original 6D came in at. It's a lot of money sure, but its a high quality camera despite Canon's questionable choices.
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