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I Used Prime Lenses Exclusively For 6 Months (Thoughts From A Zoom Photographer)

For a half a year I used prime lenses exclusively for 6 months. I am mainly a zoom lens photographer, so I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could just use zoom lenses. Could this change the way I shoot and create a few new pieces of prime gear in my camera bag? This isnt a review video of what lens I used and at which gig but I share the perks and let downs of using only prime lenses. So these are thoughts from a zoom photographer. Prime lenses do have a lot of perks but its biggest downside is not having the versatility to zoom. To me, thats a huge perk to lose. But in reality I am a hybrid, mainly zoom lenses but I use a dedicated prime macro. Let me know down below, are you a prime, zoom, or hybrid photographer?
Why I Use F/4 Lenses Mainly: