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5 Lessons Richard Avedon Taught Me: Portrait Photography (How He Didn't Take Boring Portraits)

To me, portrait photography has become very boring. It's can be very difficult to capture a worthy portrait of a person because you need to capture the essence of the person at that specific time. You need to tell the story through their poses and your lighting.

Richard Avedon is one of the most popular and well known American portrait and fashion photographers. He had an eye for evoking emotion and conveying it through lighting. In this video, I list 5 characteristics I learned from studying Richard.

Richard Avedon Foundation:

5 Lessons Richard Avedon Taught Me:

1. Print Your Work Large

2. Photography Isn't the Truth

3.Portraits were more about Richard then the subject

4. Evoke Authentic Emotion

5. Connection and Fear