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Sony A7 III Vlog: Desert, Helicopters & More! (Day 3 & 4, Behind The Scenes)

We continue with the Sony A7 III event vlogs with days 3 and 4's events. Sony set up a few more events to test the Sony A7 III in real world settings. On Day 3, we went to a studio shoot setup that also included a really cool chance to photograph models in water to either freeze the action or use a slow shutter speed to capture a smooth long exposure. After that, we went to a restaurant to shoot some culinary in lower light. Day 4 was amazing, we went out in the middle of the desert to shoot models and more. We then went on open door helicopters to the Valley of Fire and that experience was breath taking...very surreal. These entire four days in Las Vegas was very surreal, being able to get to know the YouTube photography community a bit better. Stay tuned for the full Sony A7 III review coming soon. Thanks for Ted Forbes (Art of Photography) for helping me get out there as well: