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Sony a7 III Hands On First Impressions & Sony Event/Travel Vlog: Behind The Scenes (Day 1&2)

I have a hands on first impression with the new Sony a7 III. I wanted to share a behind the scenes look at how a press announcement looks, as this was my first one to attend. We saw the Sony a7 III with some really needed specs that many users have wanted! For an entry full frame Sony camera, pricing at $1,999, it hits the direct market in the everyday user and wedding photographers. There isnt a ton of flare to the camera but it hits most of the wanted check marks. It's a fast camera that feels good in the hands!
This is just Day 1 and 2 of the Sony event, Ted Forbes and I will get more hands on over the next few days. Big thanks to Sony and Ted for helping get me out here for the event! Stay tuned for Ted's full Sony a7 III video!