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Sony A7 III Hands On Review: My Honest Thoughts "Not Much To Complain About"

I had the honor to get a hands on review of the Sony A7 III from the WPPI and Sony event in Las Vegas. Sony invited myself and Ted Forbes out to share our experience about the event and for us to give our honest thoughts about the new Sony A7 3. Note: Sony did NOT pay us for anything, we volunteered our time to come out. We had a few days with the camera and were able to take a deep dive in to share our thoughts about the stills and video. This is an "entry" level full frame camera, but it gives much more then that with little to complain about. The Sony A7 III is the perfect camera for someone looking to get into mirrorless full frame and who wants to shoot weddings, events and a little bit of fast action. What are your thoughts on the Sony A7 Mark III? Let me know in the comments below.
Check Out The Sony A7 III Here: