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Canon EOS M6: 5 Reasons I Bought It (3 Month Review, Very Underrated)

I review the Canon EOS M6 and tell you the 5 reasons I bought it and why it is very underrated. Seriously, when I say the Canon M6 has made my workflow easier, I mean it. With the size of the camera, the image quality, Dual Pixel AF and more, it hit most of the check boxes I needed for a camera that is meant for vlogging and b-roll. I also choose the M6 over the M5 mainly because of price, not needing an EVF and the horrible design of the flip down screen on the 5. The Canon EOS M6, is a home run of a camera for me.
Check Out The Canon EOS M6 Here:

Camera In Use/Image Quality Examples:
Anti-Climatic Vlog:
Heading into NYC: