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Canon 1DX Mark II Unboxing & First Impressions: Why Spend $6,000 On A Camera?

I unbox and give my first impressions with the Canon 1DX Mark II. Now why would someone spend $6,000 USD on a higher end camera? Easy, its reliable and worth every penny. But it takes a lot of saving and looking for deals to be able to buy a flagship model camera. With Peter Mckinnon popularizing this camera with vlogging, it seems more are coming off the shelves. Is this the same as Casey with his Canon 80D? No. You buy quality gear, be it the Sony A9 or Nikon D5, you get a reliable piece of kit. I traded the Canon 5D Mark IV for a great price and wasnt too much more to upgrade to the EOS 1DX Mark II. Have you used this before or another flagship model? Let me know down in the comments below.