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Polaroid OneStep 2 Review Hands On with i-Type Film In NYC: Polaroid Is Back

I give a hands on review of the new Polaroid OneStep 2 using the newer I-Type 600 film in New York City. I show how the new film looks and its coloring. The Polaroid OneStep Two is a welcomed release by Polaroid/Impossible Project in 2017. This camera is priced just right at around $100 bucks. The big change about this is not needing a battery for the newer film but still being versatile and able to use older 600 film. To be able to use the I-Type film, you can charge the One Step 2 through micro USB. This is simple to use and just fun. Sadly the film is still overpriced.
Polaroid OneStep 2:

Polaroid 600 Film, I-Type:
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