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Fuji X Pro 3, Awkward Photo Gigs, Best Off Brand Flashes: Photography Q and A

In this version of photography question and answers, I discuss my wants of the Fujifilm X Pro 3, the most awkward jobs I was asked to photography, the best off brand affordable flashes and more! Let me know in the comments below; what do you want in the Fuji X Pro 3? What was the most awkward job you either photographed or were asked too?

Amazon Basics $30 Flash:

Yongnuo Flash Playlist:

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5 Lessons Richard Avedon Taught Me: Portrait Photography (How He Didn't Take Boring Portraits)

To me, portrait photography has become very boring. It's can be very difficult to capture a worthy portrait of a person because you need to capture the essence of the person at that specific time. You need to tell the story through their poses and your lighting.

Richard Avedon is one of the most popular and well known American portrait and fashion photographers. He had an eye for evoking emotion and conveying it through lighting. In this video, I list 5 characteristics I learned from studying Richard.

Richard Avedon Foundation:

5 Lessons Richard Avedon Taught Me:

1. Print Your Work Large

2. Photography Isn't the Truth

3.Portraits were more about Richard then the subject

4. Evoke Authentic Emotion

5. Connection and Fear

Google Pixel 3a Camera Review: Best Phone Camera Under $500 (vs Pixel 3XL & iPhone XS Max)

I give a hands on review of the new Google Pixel 3a. I really wanted to see if it had the same exact rear 12 megapixel camera like its more expensive brother, the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. Long and short....YES it does! This is easily one of the best smartphone cameras of all time for under $500. Would you be interested in the Pixel 3a? Let me know in the comments below. This was sent over by Google, but I was not paid to make this review. The thoughts are fully of my own.

Google Pixel 3XL Review:

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Top 5 Cameras of All Time (Not What You Expect)

I share my top 5 favorite cameras of all time. These are cameras I've personally used throughout my career. Let me know your favorite cameras of all time down below in the comments. Do any of the five I mentioned make your list as well?

Here are my top 5 cameras:

1. Nikon D700

2. Fuji X Pro 2

3. Canon 5D Mark II

4. Polaroid 600se

5. Canon AE-1

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Specialty Cameras: Why are They Pointless and Expensive?

One question that has been brought up a lot is, "What is the point of specialty camera? What are specialty cameras?" The most common reply is that these "types" of cameras are pointless and way too overpriced. In this video, I cover the topic and share my thoughts. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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Ricoh GW-4 Wide Angle Lens Review for Ricoh GR III (GA-1 Review)

I give a more in depth review of the Ricoh GW-4 Wide Angle Lens for the Ricoh GR III. This also include the...overpriced...Ricoh GA-1 Adapter to be able to use it. I will say the wide angle lens doesn't do a lot but I do wish it was the default lens. I had a great time using it on the GR III and it basically lived on the camera for me. It gives .75x more POV and is built well. The adapter is very plasticy and overpriced at $50 bucks. The Wide Angle Lens is $250 USD. If you own the GR III, I say this is an easy buy. Thanks to BHPhoto for sending this out for review!

Check Out the GW-4 Wide Angle here:

Ricoh GR III Review:

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Ricoh GR III Review: King of Street Photography Cameras?

The Ricoh GR III is finally available and I was able to get a hands on test for about the past month. Thanks to BHPhoto for sending this out to review, they did provide this to test but did not pay or sponsor this video in any way. I believe the GR III reclaimed the title as the king of street photography cameras as it has almost everything the GR II had but improved on much more! With a newer body layout, touch screen, 24 megapixel sensor and more, its definitely worth an upgrade alone from the GR II in regards to autofocus.

Check out the Ricoh GR III Here:

Wide Angle Combo:

I Used My Smartphone Camera Exclusively For 4 Months! How Did It Go?

I took the self challenge of only using my iPhone XS Max and Google Pixel 3XL camera for the past 4 months. I wanted to see how it would be to not use an actual camera, just using the "best camera is the one with you." I shared my thoughts in this video. I wanted to get the full experience and worked with Sandmarc to send over a wide angle and telephoto lens to help with this test. I must say, it was a bit freeing to not having any other gear with me but I will never be able to say we dont need actual cameras. Yes gear isnt everything, a great photographer can capture a moment with anything but there are a lot of limitations and I'll keep my actual cameras with me as well. Do you like these types of videos? Let me know down in the comments below.

Sandmarc Smartphone Lens Review:

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Sandmarc Smartphone Wide Angle & Telephoto Lens Review: Best Lenses for iPhones and Google Pixel!

I give a hands on review of the top iPhone and Google Pixel smartphones from Sandmarc. As part of a few month experiment I wanted to only use my iPhone XS Max and Google Pixel 3 XL as my main camera. Sandmarc sent the Wide Angle and Telephoto lenses out for review and to help but they did not pay or compensate for this in any way. Link to the experiment video below. But the wide angle lens is one of the best I've seen for smartphones. It's coming in around 16mm for focal length and with minimal distortion. The telephoto lens comes in at 60mm and has a sharp center but a little blue on the edges. The bokeh and compression look great though! These run for $99 bucks or come in an affordable bundle:

Sandmarc Lenses:

3 Months Using a Smartphone Only: Link soon

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What's In My Street Photography Bag 2019?!

I cover my everyday street photography bag in 2019 when I hit the streets in either New York City or Philadelphia. I can fit a lot into the Peak Design bag while still keeper a small, slimmer and light profile. All of the gear listed in the video is linked down below. Any questions about anything, let me know down in the comments below.


Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag 15inch:

Fuji X Pro 2:

Fuji 10-24 F4 Lens:

Fuji 56 1.2:

Vello Shutter Remotes:

PolarPro 10 Stop Filter:

Hydroflask 32 oz Water Bottle:

Joby Gorilla Pod:

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Leica Q2 Preview: The Ultimate Street Photography Full Frame Camera?

Leica finally announces a much wanted and needed update to the original Leica Q. The Leica Q2 is official! The Leica Q2 comes at a high price tag of $5,000 USD, but has a brand new 47 megapixel sensor which helps in a lot of ways. A lot has been improved out and inside the camera. You have a lot of what the Q provided but mixed with newer tech and bits and pieces from the M-10 and MP. Is the price high...of course but does it mean its not worth If you are looking at these more "specialty" cameras, you know what you are buying. If you are a Lecia Q owner, is it worth the upgrade for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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Last Day in Marfa, Chinati Art Tour & Trip Recap: Texas Vlog Day 4(2019)

There's a lot of talking in the last, day 4, part of the Marfa vlog. But, you here a bunch about the trip from Ted Forbes and myself and you see the artwork and learn a bit of history about the Chinati Foundation. I hope you were able to enjoy the vlogs and just seeing a more fun side of my life, besides just silly gear talk. Let me know of any fun moments from the four videos!

All of the videos will be in the playlist below:

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Welcome to Marfa Texas! Vlog: Day 3(2019)

Ted and I finally are set in Marfa and we explore the town....the ghost town to be exact. So welcome to Marfa, Texas partners! We see the main drag in town, visit the infamous Casey Neistat napping location at Hotel Paisano, drive through the mountains, visit the Prada Store and more! Follow along for some fun. PS. I'm sorry about the wind, its VERY windy out there and was coming in from all sides. I tried different mics, windscreens luck. So I hope it doesnt take away from the adventure.

Texas Vlog Playlist:

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The Most Exciting 900 Mile Roadtrip! Texas Vlog: Day 2(2019)

Ted Forbes and I embark on the start of a 900 mile road trip from Fort Worth, Texas to Marfa, Texas. Do NOT miss all of the excitement in this excitement I mean not much happens. There is talking, a ton of driving and a weird car with eyelashes on it. Plus it started to snow and I was wearing shorts. We arrived in Marfa after 9 hours on the road and Day 3 and 4 contains more...I promise lol. Stay tuned for more! Thanks for watching.

Catch Day 1 if you missed:

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Stealing A Bull In Texas? Vlog:Day 1(2019)

I visit Texas for the first time. I meet up with the infamous Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography out in his hometown in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Ted shows me a bit around the town and I get to see a rodeo for the first time as well. All of this is right before we head out for a long road trip to Marfa, Texas. This is Day 1 of 4, so stay tuned for all 4 to see what fun is in store and what Marfa is all about! #texas #vlog #texasvlog

Texas Vlog Playlist/Day 2:

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