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Best & Worst Cameras of 2018

I recap, review and go over the best and worst cameras that came out of 2018. There was a ton of new tech and camera features added this year. 2018 was the year for the mirrorless camera push with Nikon and Canon finally jumping into the big boy mix. But did they fail or miss the mark? What are your best and worst camera of the year? Let me know in the comments below.

Table of Content:

00:54 Honorable Mentions

05:49 Worst Camera & Let Downs

10:13 Best Cameras

Cameras mentioned in this video:

Sony A7 III, Fuji X-T3, Fuji X-H1, Fuji X-T100, Panasonic Gh5S, Panasonic G9, Olympus Pen PL9, Canon M50, Sony RX100 VI, Yashica T35, iPhone XS Max, Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 3XL, Pentax K1 II, Canon EOS R, Nikon Z6, Nikon Z7, GoPro Hero 7 Black.

Credit included for the broll camera video. Also credit to "" for the broll under the title graphics.

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Photographer's Desk Tour 2018- FlexiSpot Standing Desk

I go over my revamped Apple iMac Desk setup 2018. The big move was going with a FlexiSpot Standing Desk, which is the first time I've really used this type of workflow. Using a standup desk is something you should definitely look into! The desk starts at $299 and the total setup here is $400. All gear mentioned in this video is listed below. Special thanks to Ryan Drum who worked on the motion graphics throughout the video!

Gear Mentioned:

FlexiSpot Standing Desk:

FlexiSpot Foot Mat:

iMac 27 5K:

Corsair RAM:


Twelve South HiRise Pro:

Blue Yeti USB Mic:

XXL Desk Pad:

Apple Wireless Pro Keyboard:

Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse:

Ikea Edison Light:

Vertagear PL6000 Chair:

Uplift Desk Hooks:

Thanks again to FlexiSpot for sending over the desk. They did not pay or sponsor me or this video in any way. They just provided the desk and top. Everything else was spent using my money. Any questions please let me know down below!

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Canon EOS R Review: An Honest Hands On Discussion (Is It Really That Bad?)

I was able to have the Canon EOS R for about a month, thanks to BHPHoto. They did not pay or sponsor, but sent it out for a review so I could share my first hand honest thoughts. Like mentioned, I shot this review several times. I feel the Canon EOS R was made just to be made to get a test Canon mirrorless camera on the market. At the EOS R announcement it was touted as being "Revolutionary." But is it really? Not so much, later on they admit its not for the working professional. But with its well known (controversial) limitations does it make the camera that awful? No. It still has great video, top notch Dual Pixel AF and high image quality. But the big omissions are an entirely new camera build, a new lens mount, overpriced lenses, no dual sd card slots, no back joystick and more. Is it a let down, yes, but a horrible beast? No. Its a great backup camera and I cant wait to see Canon actually try on their "pro" model for an expected 2019.

Buy the Canon EOS R Here From BHPhoto:

CanonUSA YouTube:

Max's Video:

Google Pixel 3 XL Camera Review: Is It The Really The Best Phone Camera? (Night Sight Is Amazing)

The Google Pixel line has been known to have the best camera system in a smartphone. So I give a full hands on review of the Google Pixel 3 XL camera and one of the most hyped features, Night Sight. So is this really the most elite camera phone? Watch the review above. I discuss the ergonomics of the Pixel, coming from an iPhone user, and I show the IQ and talk about the photo and video features. Google has an easy winner on this in my opinion. I'm still going to keep my iPhone XS Max, but if I went Android, no doubt would I pick up a Pixel. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Note: Google did sent the Pixel 3 XL out to review, but they did NOT pay or sponsor this video. This is not an ad. This is just my honest hands on thoughts. #Google #GooglePixel3XL #GooglePixel

Fujifilm X-T3 Review: The Best Crop Sensor Camera of 2018

I give a hands on review of the Fujifilm X-T3. This is easily one of the top camera of 2018 and if not one of the best crop sensor cameras ever made. The Fuji X-T3 has pretty much everything a photographer or videographer needs. It's really only missing two things; a fully articulating screen and in body stabilization. It's selling for $1,500 USD and is worth every penny if you want to invest in the Fuji ecosystem. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you think you will pick up the fuji xt3? Is it worth upgrading from the X-T2? How does it compare to the Sony A7 III? Let me know.

Buy the Fuji X-T3 Here (BHPhoto sent this over to review)

Lensball Review: The Most Popular Instagram Photography Item (Worth It?)

I got my hands on the Lensball Pro. I was curious to see if it was a really cheesy instagram photography item or if it had more of a use. Are these photography balls worth the $35-40 bucks? The easiest way to describe the review is that it isnt for everyone. But, its a fun piece of kit to play around with and to change you FOV on things.

Check Out the Lensball Here:

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PhotoPlus Expo 2018 Vlog

As per our annual vlog, I dive head into PhotoPlus Expo 2018 and show you the newest cameras, lenses and more! Some of the newest gear this year is the Nikon Z6/7, Canon EOS R, Fuji GFX 50R, Panasonic S1R, Zeiss ZX1 and more. There's a lot of fun moments, a tip on a DIY dual card slot hack and meeting up with friend of the channel, MR AOP, Ted Forbes. It was a smaller show again this year but I was able to meet a lot more of you this year so thank you for saying hello and was great chatting! As always, see you in 2019 in New York City!

PhotoPlus 2018 Gear First Impressions;

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Photo Plus 2018 First Impressions: Fuji GFX 50R, Nikon Z7, Canon EOS R, Panasonic S1R & Zeiss ZX1

As always, at Photo Plus we can get hands on with the newest gear in the photography and videography industry. Yes its still tied to a table or only lent out for a short time, you can get a feel for the gear of how it works and feels. I share my first impressions with the latest and greatest: Fuji GFX 50R, Nikon Z7/6, Canon EOS R, Panasonic S1R and the Zeiss ZX1. Despite some of the downsides some of these cameras share, I must say, its a great time to be a photographer with the amount of gear options out there for the mirrorless crowd. Full Photo Plus 2018 Vlog coming soon...most likely will be in the pinned post below once its out!

Table of Content:

00:06 Nikon Z7

01:31 Canon EOS R

02:53 Fuji GFX 50R

03:54 Zeiss ZX1

04:11 Panasonic S1R

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Google Pixel 3 XL Unboxing and First Impressions (Mainly the Camera)

Google sent over a press kit as part of their #teampixel campaign. This is a milestone for the channel, so thank you for the support! But my main goal is to test the new Google Pixel 3 XL in regards to the camera and image quality. Which will be better in the end, the Pixel 3 XL or the iPhone XS Max? In the next few weeks, we will find out. But this is great because the Pixel line has gotten some of the highest marks for smartphone photography in regards to image quality. I took a few hours to test a few things about the camera and learned about an app so you could have full manual control as well. A full camera review to come soon, so stay tuned! NOTE: This video was NOT sponsored or paid by Google. The thoughts are of my own.

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I Sold All Of My Camera Gear (Literally)

It's not clickbait...I did sell "all" of my camera gear. I needed to get some more control of my life and downsize to be happier. So I finally, at this time, have the perfect camera kit for what I need. As a youtuber, we always try to impress or get the better gear to share with our audiences. Sometimes, we stay in that trap, but this is me just being me and needing to be happier. Finally I am!

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Photokina 2018 Full Camera Recap: Zenit M, Leica S3, Zeiss ZX1, Pix II & More

Photokina 2018 brought a lot of much anticipated cameras and lenses. We already heard from Canon and Nikon with their first full frame mirrorless cameras before hand. But with all of the announcements now official, we have several cameras to talk about, but most I didn't feel deserved individual videos.

The Zenit M, Leica S3, Zeiss ZX1 and Pix II.

Nikon Z6 and Z7:

Canon EOS R:

Fuji GFX 50R:

Panasonic S1R and S1:

Credit: Zeiss Camera Lenses:

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Ricoh GR III Preview: Street Photographers Rejoice! (Photokina 2018)

Street photographers have been waiting a long time for an upgrade to the Ricoh GR II. A need for a faster camera, updated sensor and more were the main complaints. With Photokina 2018, Ricoh has announced that the Ricoh GR III is going to be available in early 2019 and provided most of the must needed specs. Most of which fix a lot of the complaints over the years. No word on price yet, but if under $800 USD, itll be a steal if you are into the point and shoot type cameras. Let me know in the comments below, is this exciting news or something too late?

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Panasonic S1R, S1 and Fuji GFX 50R Preview: Month of Mirrorless Cameras (Photokina 2018)

It's been mirrorless camera month and with Photokina 2018 we finally hear about the rumored Panasonic full frame cameras. We now know about the Panasonic Lumix S1R and S1. We also finally see the Fujifilm GFX 50R, the "affordable" and portable medium format camera.

iPhone XS Max Review | Portrait & Bokeh Mode | Great But One Big Flaw!

I was able to get the iPhone XS Max on launch day! But the main thing I care about is the camera and some of its newer settings and modes. The one key mode boasted by Apple is their updated Portrait and "select" your bokeh after the picture mode. So I put it to the quick test in this hands on review. Is it really that amazing as its said in the keynote? Well no but I did find the huge flaw in it. Let me know your thoughts. Is it a big deal? Are you getting the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max?

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